Saban Music Latin (SML) is a global music entertainment company founded in 2019 by Haim Saban, a worldwide pioneer and leader in the entertainment industry and Chairman and CEO of Saban Capital Group. Since its launch, SML has been spearheaded by music veteran Gustavo Lopez who has built a career signing top artists and developing content for global music audiences.

SML embraces the globalization of music by identifying, signing, and developing artists with international appeal. The music entertainment firm is committed to providing resources to its artists through a 360-model encompassing recorded music, publishing, touring, brand partnerships, merchandising, and more. SML’s global artist roster includes Loyal Lobos (Colombia), Don Omar (Puerto Rico), Chesca (Puerto Rico), Yubeili (Mexico), YoGambii (Colombia), and masked singer KYEN?ES? to name a few.

The company has partnered with Universal Music Group, the world leader in music-based entertainment, for global distribution, publishing, and marketing. SML has offices in Los Angeles and Miami.


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