beet Acosta

beet acosta

Beet Acosta, a Maracaibo-born, Orlando-based artist, speaks to the body, mind, and soul through his vibrant Latin music influenced by Venezuelan Cuatro and reggaeton. He’s an award-winning singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer set to release exciting music via Saban Music Latin.

In his own words, “I’m here to project good energy into the world and spread positive vibes through music.” His childhood in Maracaibo instilled in him a love for connecting with people and music.

Beet’s musical journey began early, thanks to his father’s influence. He became a skilled performer and musician, co-founding the successful Venezuelan duo Caibo. After launching his solo career in 2018, he gained recognition with hits like “Rosas,” “Gozaera,” and “Peshosha.” In 2023, Beet signed with Saban Music Latin.

His latest single, “INÉDITO,” showcases his charisma and musical prowess, blending Spanish verses, Cuatro-style rhythms, and tropical beats. It’s a heartfelt song about love and the fear of loss.

With more music on the horizon, Beet Acosta aims to brighten your day and renew your energy through his music. His dream is to make the world better through the power of great music, love, and positivity.





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