Chesca artista

CHESCA was born and raised in Puerto Rico and grew up around a very musically driven family. Chesca discovered her love for music and entertainment at a very young age, inspired by icons such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Aretha Franklin. By 10 years old, Chesca was training in several performance academies, and at 11 years old, her father made her the lead singer of his cover band “Flashback,” where she had the opportunity to perform in front of audiences of all ages.

After a near-death boating accident, Chesca continued to perform throughout her recovery, including 14 reconstructive surgeries. Despite the extreme adversity as well as the relentless bullying, she continued to pursue her dream.

Chesca is a triple threat! She has an incredible voice, is an amazing dancer and great performer and entertainer! She can do it all! Chesca was born to inspire and wants to be a voice for women of all ages!






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