Henry Guerra, a.k.a YoGambii, is a rapper, poet, composer, and producer on a mission to popularize a new culture in Latin American music today. The young Colombian artist is best known for his distinctive voice and musical versatility across pop and urban genres in Spanish and English.

Growing up in impoverished neighborhoods across the US, Puerto Rico, and Latin America, music played an integral role in YoGambii’s upbringing. Fed up with the streets and life in recidivism, YoGambii pursued music as a golden ticket out. For years, YoGambii worked behind the scenes and collaborated with various top producers and writers to absorb every facet of the industry.

Over time, he encapsulated his distinctive flair as an artist by blending culturally diverse sounds with Hip Hop and Latin-inspired music.

In 2021, YoGambii caught the attention of mega music executive and founder of Saban Music Haim Saban and CEO Gustavo Lopez. Signed to one of the most prominent entertainment companies worldwide, YoGambii will be releasing music throughout 2023.




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